Home Safe While on Vacation

We all need the break – but going away on vacation can be stressful because we don’t know what will happen to our home while we’re away. Don’t rely on your home security system to do all the work for you. Use these tips to add extra security while you’re not home.

Use Motion Lights Near the Doorways

This way any time someone comes near the door, lights will come on. If a burglar is trying to make his or her way into your home, the light will typically scare them away. This also helps when you are home, because you will automatically be able to see at night when you are trying to get into your home.

Keep Hedges and Bushes Trim and Neat

By keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed and neat, you give burglars one last place to hide. When your landscaping is trim, there are also smaller shadowed areas to hide in. When a burglar knows he or she can be easily seen and there isn’t a good place to hide, you are much less likely to become a victim.

Forward Calls

One of the prime ways burglars pick their targets is to call the phone number listed in the phone book for the address. If the burglar calls and no one answers, it is a good inclination no one is home, and the home is prime break-in material. Sure, you could be in the shower and unable to answer the phone, but in that case, you’d be there to listen and watch for a burglar. When you’re away from home, whether it’s just while you are at work, or an extended period of time like on vacation, forward your home calls to your cell phone. This way, you can answer all calls to give the appearance that you are home.

Have Noise in the Home

Keep a TV on. Play a recording of a dog barking – with plenty of empty space so it doesn’t seem like the dog is constantly barking. The noise will make a burglar think you are home, and the “dog” will likely scare away any potential intruders.

Have Mail Held at the Post Office

Don’t let your mail pile up. This is an indication that you’re not home, and you haven’t been home in a while. Instead of having mail delivered, opt to have the post office hold it for you, or have a friend come by every day or two to pick it up for you while you are gone.

Place Lights and TV on Timers

This way they automatically come on and go off at various times throughout the day, to simulate someone being home.

Hire a House Sitter

Ask someone you know you can trust to sit at your home for the duration of your vacation. This way you can have someone “living” there while you’re away, which deters break-ins. This is a good way to address pets that cannot go with you – you’d have to pay to board them anyway.

Don’t Forget to Lock Windows

Doors are obvious – but many people forget to go through their home and lock all the windows, too. Locked windows are harder to get into – and can signal there’s a home security system in place, making burglars second guess breaking the glass and chance setting off an alarm.

While all these things can complement a home security system, perhaps the most important thing to do is to keep the fact that you’re not home off of your blog and social media accounts. Only tell people you can trust about your trip plans.

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