To most people, ADT is a leading name in the home and business security field. They protect all kinds of properties in every state all throughout the country. If you want to keep your family and your property safe, they’re definitely the ones to turn to.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that they eventually moved into taking care of the elderly, though. Their ADT Medical Alert System works on much the same infrastructure they use for their other products. Therefore, it should also come as no surprise that thousands of people put their trust in ADT when it comes to medical alert devices.

If you’re looking for a little extra help staying safe while maintaining your independence (or know someone who is), it’s definitely worth checking out why ADT Medical Alert has such an enviable reputation.

How ADT Medical Alert Works

fall detection

Fall Detection


Wearable Pendant

medical alert bracelet

Waterproof Wristbands

Although there are a few of them to choose from, ADT’s medical assistance products have the same goal in common – get distressed persons in contact with trained staffers ASAP.

To that end, the user has a pendant with a small button on it. They can decide to wear this pendant as a bracelet or necklace, whatever their preference is. Whenever the owner finds they are dealing with some type of medical emergency, they press down on the button.

Once the call is transmitted to the ADT monitoring center – it takes seconds – a two-way communication is set up right away, so both parties can speak to one another through the pendant.

As soon as the ADT representative has the relevant facts, they will call the appropriate party. It might mean getting an ambulance over to the injured individual ASAP or just calling a close family member to have them stop by to help out.

The representatives are available 24/7 for these calls. After they have passed the message along to the appropriate party, they’ll stay on the line until help has arrived.


Despite how popular they have become, ADT has kept their pricing pretty affordable. As we mentioned above, there are three different options to choose from, though, so let’s take a look at them now including their price and what that will get you.

Medical Alert Basic​ - $29.99

First, there’s Medical Alert Basic. As you could probably guess, that’s the most basic – and, thus, most affordable – version ADT offers. For $29.99 a month, you get access to:

  • ​24/7 Monitoring By Trained Medical Alert Specialists
  • Waterproof Neck Pendant or Bracelet
  • High/Low Home Temperature Monitoring

Medical Alert Plus - $35.99 Per Month​

medical alert plus

The next level up is Medical Alert Plus and that’s $35.99 per month. Along with the above features, you’ll also get:

  • ​Fall Detection Pendant
  • Wireless Connection (no landline needed)

It’s also worth discussing the fall detection feature a bit too. If you slip and fall, your first move will most likely be to click the button on your pendant and call for help right away.  However, as you can imagine, sometimes, this isn’t very easy to do. You may hit your head and be unconscious. You could also just hurt your arm or hand to the point that you can’t press the button down.

Whatever the case, if you have fall detection, it doesn’t matter. The call will get made and, if you don’t answer, an EMT will be called right away.

On-The-Go Mobile - $39.99​

adt on the go

Finally, there’s the on-the-go mobile option. This one will cost you $39.99 a month. In return, though, you’ll get the features we’ve already mentioned so far, plus:

  • ​GPS Locating Abilities
  • Portable Device That Will Work Anywhere Nationwide

Both of these things basically mean you can pursue your independence outside of the house without worrying that you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to something happening. As the device is GPS-enabled, you don’t even have to tell the operator where you are or something happens. They’ll already know exactly where to send help.


No Long Term Contracts - We really appreciate that ADT doesn’t do long-term contracts. It wasn’t always like that. However, when they made a move to become more customer-friendly, it meant addressing the fact that most people hate long-term contracts.

Several System Packages To Choose From - It’s also great that they offer so many options. Whatever your unique needs are, there’s most likely a version above that would suit you. The fact that they are adding GPS to their offerings is also a huge advantage to those who don’t mind paying a bit more for it.

Temperature Sensors - Also, those temperature sensors will go a long way toward peace of mind. Whether it’s a CO leak or fire, the authorities may get alerted before you even know what’s happening.


No Prepayment Discounts - While the lack of long-term contracts is great, most companies balance this out by offering prepayment discounts. No such luck with ADT. It’s not that their prices are even unreasonable; it’s just that it seems odd that they don’t provide such a standard offer.

Also, some people would just prefer a more traditional medical response company, not one that’s better known for home and business security.

Final Thoughts

There’s definitely a lot to look forward to by choosing one of the ADT options we outlined above. In the future, they might even offer prepayment discounts like we mentioned. They’ve already shown they can evolve to meet customer demands.