alarm forceAlarmForce was founded in Canada in 1998, but quickly established itself in the American home security market. AlarmForce became a popular option among homeowners because it established two-way communication at an affordable price before many of the industry’s key leaders. The company has positive reviews from several respected organizations, including the Better Business Bureau.

Expect AlarmForce to stay at the forefront of the home security industry. As an established leader, it should continue to improve products as technology advances.

Product Features and Equipment

AlarmForce security systems offer a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. Two-way voice communication is still a prominent feature. Other features commonly found in their custom systems include CO2 monitors, smoke detectors, and CCTV devices.

Some of the more advanced options for AlarmForce systems include mobile readiness that lets customers control settings from smartphones and other Internet-ready devices and a monitoring service that will automatically email pictures of anyone who approaches the customer’s house.

Customers who choose AlarmForce may want to consider adding extra features to their home security systems. Additional alarms, motion detectors, and window contacts can make the company’s services even more effective. Burglars who try to break in will often leave when they hear a loud siren blaring throughout the home. Outside sirens make it even less likely that burglars will stay inside for long.

Unfortunately, AlarmForce doesn’t offer remote control locks. This is a common feature found in many home security systems. Most homeowners, however, will likely find that this is a small oversight compared to the extensive list of standard and enhanced features.

Pricing Information

A standard security package from AlarmForce costs $25.00 per month. Getting that rate typically requires a 36-month commitment. Other packages, including those targeted at seniors, small business owners, and condo owners.

Customers often get substantial savings when they choose AlarmForce. Not only does the company offer an affordable rate for its standard service, but it also provides free equipment and installation. Homeowners don’t actually purchase the security systems from AlarmForce. Instead, they come on loan from the company (free of charge). Customers who want to own their own systems may want to look elsewhere. Most people will find this an inexpensive option that makes it easier for them to protect their homes.


AlarmForce has established itself as one of the best security companies in North America. Getting a free security system is a great benefit that brings down the cost of home protection. The long list of features is another excellent advantage of choosing AlarmForce. As a pioneer in two-way voice security, homeowners can quickly communicate with security representatives without so much as picking up the phone. Customers who find themselves in dangerous situations can easily contact AlarmForce through their systems.

Security personnel working for AlarmForce have been trained to use the two-way voice to threaten trespassers. Oddly enough, this strategy often convinces burglars to flee. When an unauthorized person enters the customer’s home, the security system immediately contacts one of AlarmForce’s 11 facilities. This means security can respond within seconds.

AlarmForce also has excellent customer service options that meet the needs of its diverse customer base. Representatives respond to phone calls quickly. Perhaps more importantly, they maintain accounts on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, giving customers the option to contact them via social media.


There aren’t any significant disadvantages to choosing AlarmForce. The missing option to lock and unlock doors remotely may present a problem for some customers. Other than that small oversight, the only reason to avoid AlarmForce is that you want to purchase and own your own security system.

AlarmForce gets excellent marks from customers and professional reviewers alike. If you want an affordable way to protect your home, you should visit the company’s website for more information. Most people who use AlarmForce’s systems are happy with their products and services.

This is a company that takes security as seriously as homeowners do. Their customer service representatives seem to understand that they play a crucial role in protecting their clients. Most customers who want to save money without compromising their home security will consider AlarmForce an excellent option that matches their unique needs without price gouging or aggressive sales strategies.