Apartment blockMuch of the time home security focuses on those living in houses, and this means that people living in apartments have to go without help, often leaving their property vulnerable to intruders. With over 16,000,000 apartments in the US, this is clearly something that should provide some concern. So, below you’ll find five great tips on how to improve your home security if you own or rent an apartment, anywhere in the country.

Meet Visitors Personally

The vast majority of apartments have a remote access feature, whereby the residents are able to unlock the communal door from their own property. If the apartment has a camera system, so you can see who is trying to get in, using this mechanism is fine. If, however, you rely on voice only (or, even worse, no form of communication), you must go down and let the visitor in personally. By doing this, you can see that the person is someone you know or trust, and that it isn’t an imposter. It might take a bit more effort, but it’ll be worth it when you foil an intruder’s plans.

Buy a Strong Front Door

When it comes to apartment burglaries, the vast majority of thieves enter through the front door. Therefore, by making this point of entry a strong one, you’ll deter the vast majority of them. It is estimated that most burglars only want to spend, at most, 60 seconds breaking into your home, before the fear of being caught overwhelms them – so a strong door will often cause them to abandon their plans. It will also mean that the police have more time to respond should the burglar be a more persistent one. Remember: most burglars are not professionals, so they won’t have the knowledge to get through a tough door quickly or even at all. You can also simply install a stronger strike-plate if you don’t want to replace your entire front door.

Make Valuables Hard to Find

Another interesting statistic is that most burglars will not want to spend more than 10 minutes in your home, and this figure is even less if you live in a well-populated area. This means that, should they manage to break in, they won’t be able to look everywhere. This means that you should remove your valuables from the obvious places – bedside tables, dressers etc – and hide them in less obvious places. Some good hiding places include kitchen cupboards (what burglar wants to go through your food tins?) or in bathroom cabinets.

Fit a Camera

Perhaps the main advantage of an apartment (except for those on the ground floor) is that there is only one realistic way in. Therefore, setting up a surveillance system is as easy as placing one camera covering your front door. This will deter most intruders, as they don’t want to be caught after the act thanks to video evidence. A single camera for your front door is not expensive at all, and other residents of your apartment block will probably be glad you’ve installed one too, as it will have the knock-on effect of protecting their property as well.

Know Your Neighbors

Living in an apartment means that you will have a number of other people living all around you, and they are great assets when it comes to home security. By getting to know your neighbors, you can agree with each other to watch over a property if it is vacant, or even to pool resources and improve security throughout the complex. Of course, some neighbors might not be as trustworthy as others, so it is good to identify them as well! Contacting your local Neighborhood Watch coordinator is the best way to start this process.

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