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One of the fastest growing super-regional security companies in the United States, ASG Security has carved out a solid chunk of their market by offering a basic - but nevertheless robust - suite of home security services.

ASG has built their business model around a balance between comprehensive monitoring services and affordable prices, with the goal of offering the best possible value for the most possible customers – although some of their features are a little lean compared to their competitors. They stand behind their service with a $1000 performance guarantee, but clients often give them low marks for customer service and communication.

Price: $29.95 (basic service)

Installation fee: $149.00

Security Equipment

ASG relies on a wide variety of security equipment from Honeywell, Panasonic, GE and other leading manufacturers, assembled into a custom package for each individual client to meet the sweet spot between affordability and functionality. Some customers like the option of wiring their system into their landline or wireless device, but their equipment options are limited compared to some of their competitors.

  • ​Touch screen control console
  • Fire, smoke, heat, flood, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Wireless camera systems
  • Motion detectors
  • Door and window sensors

Home Automation

ASG offers a broad – but not very deep – range of automation features. All essential functions are automated through the ASG “Evolve” mobile app, but some customers will be disappointed to find that extra options which are standard with many other security companies are not available with ASG’s basic package.

For example, ASG customers can access the thermostat control feature through their smartphone, but not their smoke, freeze, flood, or carbon monoxide detection functions. Customers who prefer more of a “hands-on” automation interface may find ASG’s options a little limited.

  • ​Remote monitoring of all essential functions of your security system
  • Immediate text alerts whenever an event occurs in your home
  • View system event log with mobile device
  • Remote activation and deactivation of entire system or individual components
  • Lock or unlock doors, open or close garage doors, control thermostat, lights, small appliances

Company History

ASG was founded in 2002 by Joe Nuccio, an 18-year veteran of the electronic security industry. From a small startup in a Washington, DC suburb, ASG has mushroomed into the 10th largest security company in the United States. Through a combination of aggressive sales and over 60 strategic acquisitions and mergers, Nuccio built a thriving super-regional security network serving 14 states along the Eastern and Southern rim of the country, from Maryland all the way to Texas and Oklahoma.

Nuccio is widely respected by industry leaders as an innovator with his finger firmly on the pulse of the market, a man who consistently puts his company in position to meet the next trend before it becomes a trend. Since 2012, ASG has shifted their focus to exploiting plug-and-play technology. Nuccio’s goal is to lead the industry in using plug-and-play to make their custom-designed systems more robust and versatile at the same time.

The Good

  • $1000 performance guarantee
  • Wide range of options at a flexible and affordable price
  • Comprehensive automation options
  • Basic system compatible with landline telephone
  • Versatile integration of components in customized applications

ASG is one of the few security companies of any size that offer a performance guarantee, let alone a guarantee to the tune of $1000. If their system malfunctions, or fails to detect a break-in, AGS pays up to $1000 against your insurance deductible – and credits your account for any charges or fees incurred. No other company in their market will match that.

Another feature unique to ASG is their “Dynamic Pricing” program – an option that allows the customer to design a system that meets their budget, instead of having to choose from a menu of fixed prices. Along with their competitive price for the basic level service package, this makes ASG one of the more affordable companies in their market.

While ASG has a relatively limited selection of features that can be controlled by remote automation, all of the essential functions are accessible on at least a basic level. And customers who still use a landline phone can enjoy the same features as the wireless customers, or use their cell phone as a backup to the landline. ASG keeps costs down by integrating equipment from multiple manufacturers into their custom packages.

The Bad

  • Inconsistent customer service, poor communication, and billing errors
  • Lack of transparency in online information resources
  • Limited online technical documentation
  • Technical problems that are difficult to solve

ASG Is haunted by a pattern of poor customer service and billing issues – many clients report double billing, hidden charges, and billing after cancellation. Many of the components they install do not work smoothly with equipment made by other manufacturers, and customers have trouble getting technical support by telephone. The company does not have technical manuals posted online for most of their equipment.

In addition, potential customers are unable to find specific and comprehensive information on their pricing and contract details on their website. Customers who call the toll-free number with detailed questions are directed to call local offices, and have to wade through a sales pitch to get answers to their preliminary questions.

The Bottom Line

AGS is an industry pioneer in integrating new technologies, but not all of those technologies work well together, and AGS does not have a good track record for customer service or problem resolution.

With a wide variety of pricing options and custom service packages, ASG has something to offer any customer who’s looking for an affordable but comprehensive security system. But it’s difficult to get enough information about the service to make an informed decision without fighting your way through an aggressive sales pitch, and potential customers would be well-advised to get all the details in writing before signing.

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