Back yardIs there any part of your home more exposed to others than your yard? That’s why it is vitally important to make it as secure as possible – a piece of ground that throws in as many obstacles as possible to stop burglars from reaching their goal, which could be your shed, garage or home. Luckily, there are many great ways to make the life of a burglar difficult, as you’ll see below…

Secure Your Outbuildings

You have multiple locks on your home. You probably have a really secure garage. So why do so many people leave their outbuildings insecure? After all, they can be the home of garden tools and other expensive pieces of equipment, and thieves know this! So, invest in some strong locks or even an intruder alarm for the outbuildings that contain these expensive items. And until you do? Move them all into the garage, where they can be stored safely.


The fence around your property is supposed to be the boundary marker – the thing that tells everyone where your property starts. But it is also perhaps the best form of defence you can have for your property. Fences in the back yard (where people are less likely to spot intruders) should be at least 2 metres high and also not too strong. This lack of strength is to discourage people from trying to climb over, as they might simply end up falling through and hurting themselves – as well as alerting everyone in the neighborhood.

Yard Lighting

Having lights installed in your yard is a huge step towards getting a secure property, simply due to this one fact: thieves don’t want attention, and having a bright light shining on them certainly gives them this! These lights are generally activated by movement, so they won’t cost a lot of electricity. Of course, they can be slightly annoying when a squirrel or a cat passes underneath them, but it’s a small price to pay for your security, isn’t it?


This is an idea that many people don’t seem to have, however it is a really effective one. Remember earlier in the article when it was mentioned that intruders don’t like attention? Well, having gravel around is another way to get them the attention they don’t want. If you’ve ever walked on gravel before, you’ll know how noisy it is, and any intruder having to walk across it will worry that they’ll be noticed.

Defensive Planting

Defensive planting is perfect for those who want a beautiful yard, but who also want to make it as secure as possible. There are many different plants that arm themselves with thorns and spikes, but that are also beautiful and make a garden look fantastic. So, when these plants are placed underneath windows, or at the bottom of fences, any intruder falling into them will get a rather prickly reception. These plants can also be trained to climb fences, to prevent them from being climbed.

Of course, perhaps the best way to ensure that your yard is protected is to invest in a home security system though – one that has CCTV cameras covering the area and remote monitoring that alerts the security company when motion is detected. Why not find out more about the different features of home security systems and see how they can help you?

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