combo lockCombination locks come in a number of different varieties, and that means that there are many different possible types of combination code that you can choose or create. Before we discuss the elements of choosing a great combination code, let’s look at the different types of combination locks that are on the market today.

Types of Combination Locks

You can find quite a few different types of combination locks available today, and they are available for many different purposes. There are the traditional single dial locks, which you are probably familiar with. They include locker padlocks and some safes. Others include the multiple dial locks that have several numbered discs on them. Each of those discs turns independently. You need to spin all to the right combination for the lock to open.

There are also number combination locks available that have traditional tumblers, as well as digital models. With these models, there is a keypad that features numbers, and sometimes letters similar to a telephone pad style layout. These are typically used in buildings and on doorways as a way to secure the entry points, and they can be quite beneficial.

They tend to be easy to use, and you can configure the combination code in many cases. However, this is actually where a number of people tend to run into trouble. They feel that having the lock is enough and that they can use a simple code that’s nice and easy to remember. This could prove to be a problem though, as you will see.

Complex Codes Are Better

No matter the type of lock you choose, you want to have a complex combination code that is still easy for you to remember. Just because you want it to be easy to remember though doesn’t mean it should be something that is very familiar to you. Never use a combination that is 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1-, the year, your birth year, your child’s birth year, name, or anything else that could be associated with you.

The code can’t be simple and common, and it can’t be something that someone who knows you would guess. Even though you might trust friends and family implicitly, it doesn’t mean you should make your combination code easy for them to guess. It needs to be private and only shared with people who are living in the house. You also need to stress the importance of them not sharing this code with anyone, especially their friends.

If the code does get out to other people for one reason or another, such as you providing the code to people to check on the home during your vacation, it is a good idea to change the combination code once you return home. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

The Biggest Benefit of Combination Locks

While they are certainly able to provide you with the security you need, there is another benefit of using these types of locks that is equally important. You no longer need to worry about losing your keys and getting locked out of your house, your safe, or any other location where you use a combination lock. As long as you remember the combination code you set, you will not have any problems getting inside.

Not only will you not need to have your key with you, but it means you won’t get into the bad habit of storing a key somewhere on the outside of your property. Thieves know that people will often keep a key hidden somewhere outside of the home just in case they lose their keys. They know what to look for.

They will check under the mat and under rocks. They will check on top of the lights, and beneath garden decorations. They can spot fake rocks easily too, so you are not going to be pulling one over on them.

By having a combination lock on the house with a good combination code, you will have far less to worry about. Thieves are not as likely to want to spend the time trying to crack the code. They might try a few combinations to see if they get lucky, but they tend to move on quickly. After all, thieves tend to like it when things are as easy as possible on them.

This is one of the big reasons why these are starting to become so popular for home entries. Combination locks aren’t just for padlocks on your high school locker any more. Just make sure you put in the time and effort to find a good quality lock that will allow you to adjust the combination code when needed. Make sure those codes are strong as well.


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