door lockOne of the first lines of defense for your home is the lock you choose for your doors. If you have an old clock, or a cheap or low quality lock, it means it is that much easier for a criminal to make his way into your home. You don’t even want to think about this actually happening, so make sure you are choosing the best door locks.

Types of Door Locks on the Market

Today, there are a number of different types of door locks available. They basic type of locks include the following:

  • Slip Bolt Locks
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Smart Locks

When it comes to the locks on your door, you never want to skimp on quality, so make sure you are choosing a brand that is known and trusted for the best results.

Research the Options

The locks are available in many different styles and from a host of different manufacturers. This can often make finding the best locks for your house doors a difficult task. Fortunately, you can make things a bit easier on yourself.

First, think about the different doors that you are going to need locks for. You may need to have locks for the exterior doors of the home as well as the interior doors. Typically, you will want the doors that lead to the outside to be heavier duty than the ones on the inside. After all, they are your first line of defense.

Once you have determined the type of lock that you want or need for each of the doors, you can start to look at the different models and brands. Some of them may have security ratings. Naturally, you want to choose the locks that have the highest security rating that are still within your budget.

Please keep in mind that security is not an area where you want to skimp when it comes to your household budget. It is far better to have a high quality security system including great door locks than it is to have a big screen television. After all, if you do not have a good security system, it will be quite easy for a thief to walk inside and carry off that television!

Look at the Reviews

Once you have put in the research to find the best types of locks for your home, and you know some of the brands and even some of the models that might work for you, you are not done yet. Instead of simply buying the locks, actually look at reviews.

You want to find reviews from people who are buyers just like you and who are using the locks for the same purpose. Then, you will typically have an easier time when it comes to choosing the best locks for your needs.

Remember the Other Parts of the Door

You might be spending a substantial amount of time looking at the locks you need to pick out for your doors. It is a good idea to put in the time and effort to choose the best door locks, as we’ve mentioned, but you never want to forget about the other parts of the door.

If there are issues with the doorjamb, the framework, or the door itself, the lock you choose might not make much of a difference when it comes to your security.

For example, what if there were rotted wood around the frame of the door? If there were rotted areas around the lock, it would mean a criminal could simply push through the door, splintering the wood. This is not very safe or secure.

At least once or twice each year, you should take the time to look at the area around the door. If there are any issues, have a contractor or a security expert look at them to provide you with advice.

Upgrade Every Couple of Years

Here’s one of the other things that many people simply don’t do. They do not take the time to replace their door locks every few years or so. They believe that since they put in a quality lock, it should last them for a lifetime.

That is not always the case though. Even if you have a decent lock, you will want to check other locks that are on the market to see if they are better and stronger. You might eventually want to upgrade to a smart lock if you don’t already have them.


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