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Cox Communications is the 3rd largest cable provider in the United States, and in 2014 they joined the growing number of communications companies that bundle security services with their television, broadband, and telephone services. Market expansion has been slow but steady, but will soon become available in Cox Communication’s entire 19-state service area.

Their expertise in home electronic technology gives them an edge over smaller companies with shallower pockets, and Cox offers an impressive array of cutting-edge remote monitoring and automation features.

Price: $29.99 (basic)

Installation: $99

Security Equipment

Cox Security uses equipment made by Sercomm, a worldwide heavyweight in home electronic and wireless technology. Coupling their equipment with Cox’s experience in home communications and broadband technology allows for an exceptional range of automation and monitoring features at rates which are generally much more affordable than most companies that offer only security services. All of their equipment is wireless, making it simple for the customer to reinstall if they move.

  • Touch screen ​control console
  • Security cameras
  • Heat, water, smoke, and CO2 detectors
  • Glass break and window/door sensors
  • Motion sensors

Home automation

Cox’s experience in interactive home electronics technology helps make their automation features among the best in the industry. All of their components are wireless, so accessing the control console by smartphone, tablet, or computer gives you complete command of your entire system from wherever you may be.

Customers who value the convenience and the versatility of automated technology and remote access and control will find that Cox offers more options than most smaller companies, and many of the national powerhouses as well. Features include:

  • ​Remote access and control through smartphone or internet
  • Remote video monitoring - both live and playback
  • Remote climate control
  • Door lock/unlock, lights and appliances on/off
  • Access to event logs
  • Text and email alerts for all events

Company history

Cox Security is a division of Cox Enterprises, parent company of Cox Communications. Cox Enterprises was founded in 1898, and by the middle of the 20th Century had grown to one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. Cox made a major push into the infant cable television business in 1962, and currently serves markets in 19 states. In 2010, Cox became one of the first major cable and broadband providers to bundle their services with home security packages.

Cox Security began with a limited test market in Tucson, and expanded to the entire state of Arizona the following year. Over the next 3 years, Cox grew their service into several other regions, and now serves 19 states.

The good

  • Extensive automation capability
  • State of the art equipment
  • Complete remote access and control through smartphone or internet
  • Live remote video and playback
  • Remote climate control as well as doors, locks, and lights
  • Completely wireless network
  • Extensive service area
  • Bundling with home internet, cable, and phone service

Cox is a company that knows how to play to its strengths, and perhaps its biggest strength is its mastery of interactive home electronic technology. Their equipment is well-designed, user-friendly, loaded with capabilities, and reliable. With the resources of Cox Enterprises behind it, the security company has the financial muscle to build and buy only the best technology.

Customers who are already familiar with the interface of Cox internet and cable packages find it easy to navigate the security menus, and most people quickly become comfortable remotely monitoring and controlling their systems.

Their 100% wireless network is quick and convenient for customers to install and relocate, and the only holes that need to be drilled in the walls are for mounting hardware. It’s also easy for clients to tear down and reinstall if they move – which in itself is easier than with most companies because of their extensive service area.

The Bad

  • Poor customer service
  • Billing problems and mystery fees
  • High cancellation fees and penalties
  • Must be bundled with other services

The trouble with buying your security system from the same company that sells you your cable service is that the customer service people for your security system are the same customer service people from your cable service. Cox clients tend to give them low marks in this department.

Representatives often seem unfamiliar with the technology, have difficulty understanding the problems, and give vague, unhelpful answers. The equipment usually works fine, but when it doesn’t, customers can find it frustrating. Some customers report hidden costs and overcharges on the bundling packages, and unlike most companies, for some reason Cox charges $3 a month to rent their control console.

Customers tend to be happy with their Cox service, but if they’re not, breaking up is hard to do. Cancellation fees are high compared to most standalone security firms, and the elaborate structure of the bundling contracts makes it difficult to get out painlessly.

Bundling your security service with your cable and internet services has some obvious advantages, and cost is one of them – the bundling package makes it easier for Cox to pack in a wide assortment of features more cheaply than many of their competitors. But the downside is, the only way to get the security service is to buy your cable or internet from them as well, and their cable and internet packages may not suit everyone’s needs.

The Bottom Line

Cable and internet providers are new players in the security game, and the security business is a complicated one that requires very specific strengths. Not every broadband or com company is able to adapt their business model to the security industry. Cox, however, appears to be one that had the right ideas and learned the right lessons. Clients who are in one of their service areas may find them an excellent choice. The poor customer service and unpredictable billing adventures are a red flag, of course, but their service is versatile, reliable, and very affordable. Read your contract carefully, make sure the prices and terms are clear, and don’t be shy about asking questions.