Dummy CCTV cameraDummy cameras are often used by homeowners in order to provide the illusion that a property is protected by CCTV. The main reason for the use of dummy cameras is pretty clear though: cost. After all, if cost wasn’t an issue, everyone would buy real CCTV cameras instead!

It should be said straight from the beginning – the answer to the question in the title of this page is a simple “no”. Of course you need more evidence than a simple one word answer though, so below you’ll find a few reasons why you should steer clear of dummy cameras…

They’re Obvious

When CCTV cameras first started to be used, dummy cameras were clearly effective. Criminals didn’t know the difference between the real ones and the fake ones, and therefore decided to steer clear of them both. Nowadays however, criminals have become much more aware of dummy cameras, so can identify them easily – therefore meaning that they are pretty much useless.

Some of the tell-tale signs of a dummy camera include a solitary wire, the lens moving in a pattern, and a lack of professionalism in the design. When you consider the low price of some real CCTV cameras, why not simply spend a little on one of them instead?

False Sense of Security

As you lie in bed at night, the dummy CCTV camera might give you some sense of safety, meaning that you get slightly slack when it comes to ensuring other areas of your home’s security. Then this slackness allows a clever criminal to take advantage, with the full knowledge that there will be no visual evidence of their crime.

If you are going to use a dummy security camera, you should never rely on it. Instead, pretend it isn’t even there and continue with your normal routines for securing your home. Also, remember that if you tell anyone about your dummy cameras, they might end up making your house more liable to being burglarised, not less, as the criminals know they might catch you unawares.

There’s No Evidence!

CCTV cameras serve a dual purpose – to deter crime and also to provide evidence if a crime does occur. We’ve already seen that dummy cameras are not much of a deterrent, and it is also the case that they will supply no evidence! Dummy cameras have no recordings and therefore, should a crime occur, you won’t know the identity of the suspects; won’t know their methods; and won’t know what time the crime occurred.

You should also remember this: once a criminal has struck once and realised that they have got away with it, they are often encouraged to repeat their act. Therefore this lack of evidence can often mean that your home becomes a constant target, which is a situation that will only stop when you get good evidence and they are apprehended.

Legal Problems

One thing that people forget about dummy cameras is that they can have some legal ramifications. For example, if a visitor parks their car in your driveway overnight and assumes that it is being monitored by CCTV, they’ll be pretty angry when they realise that they’ve had their car stolen and there’s no evidence. In fact, they might be so angry that they blame you and take you to court to recoup their losses.

This risk of legal complications means that spending a few extra bucks on a real CCTV system looks even more worthwhile. After all, it is much more preferable than having to pay out thousands of dollars to people who feel that they’ve been misled…


Of course, there are a few arguments for dummy cameras, but these are eclipsed by the ones listed above. From legal complications through to a complete lack of evidential or preventative value, dummy cameras should be avoided by those who are serious about the security of their home. Instead, spend some money on a real security solution and ensure your home and family are protected properly.

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