The most obvious choice for having a top rated home security system installed is for the protection against a break in. With nearly four reported break-ins per minute across the US, this protection is a necessity and, in most people’s eye, the absolute best reason for a having a security system.

What some property owners fail to realize though is that the protection a security system can provide goes well beyond just keeping potential crooks at bay. A quality home security system delivers protection from intruders, fire, smoke, deadly gas and serious injury.

Here are just of the few added benefits that often get overlooked when a homeowner decides to install a home alarm system.

Direct Link to Fire and Carbon Monoxide

The National Fire Protection Agency reported more than 1.2 million house fires in the US in 2013. Fire is a highly destructive and potentially deadly force – the reported US home fires in 2013 resulted in more than 3200 deaths and put countless people out of their homes.

A home fire can be caused by any number of things – from faulty wiring or portable heaters to unattended candles or cigarettes left burning. Even something like a minor accident in the kitchen can result in a fast spreading fire that does tremendous damage to a home.

Having reliable smoke alarms installed in the home is essential for alerting family members of potential danger so they can escape to safety. Having the smoke and fire detection system linked to a quality home security system takes that protection a step further.

Having smoke and fire detectors linked into a home security system provides a direct connection to the fire department. In the event of a fire, the home security monitoring company can send out a call to have the fire department dispatched to the home. While rapid arrival of firefighters doesn’t completely guarantee that the property will suffer no damage or that no injuries will occur, it drastically improves the possibility of a positive outcome.

Protecting Your Family Against Fire

Having the fire department and paramedics on scene as quickly as possible provides the best chance to keep the fire from growing out of control. This can limit the damage to the structure of the home, prevent the loss of personal property and get family members and pets to safety.

The same is true for the detection of carbon monoxide. The CDC reports an average of more than 400 deaths per year caused by this gas that can’t be seen or smelled. Having a carbon monoxide detector installed on each floor of a home is essential for alerting family members of potential danger. Linking those detectors to the home alarm system provides the same protection as linking the smoke detectors. The monitoring company can immediately alert emergency personnel in the event of an incident and dispatch them to the scene. Getting firefighters and paramedics on scene quickly can help identify and eliminate the source of the deadly gas. This will dramatically reduce the chances for serious injury or death as a result of exposure to carbon monoxide.

Constant Monitoring of all Home Systems

In addition to having the ability to link up all protection systems in the home, many quality systems offer the option of direct alerts to the homeowner. A property owner can often sign up to receive instant notification of any system action right to their cell phone or e-mail.

If an alarm is set or disarmed, if a motion sensor is set off or glass is broken or if the connected smoke detection system goes off, the homeowner will get instant notification. This allows the owner to immediately take any necessary action to keep their home protected – from calling a neighbor to check in or reaching out to police.

If cameras are installed as part of the home security system, this protection can be taken a step further. Once a text or e-mail alert is received, the property owner can immediately access the cameras in the home via PC or Smartphone to get a clear view of exactly what is going on in the home.

This remote access to the home allows the owner to clearly assess everything that is going on in order to make the best informed decision in regards to what actions (if any) are necessary to protect the home. This can be an invaluable tool when it comes to complete protection of home and family – especially for those who work long hours or who have to travel for business.

Integrating all facets of home protection can create the most secure and protected home environment possible. Installing a security system with a few cameras and linking to a fire protection system helps a homeowner access, evaluate and handle any threat in their home from any location.

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