Taser robotHome security is without doubt a vital aspect to every home. Ranging from door sensors through to wireless CCTV systems, different security systems bring huge benefits to different people. There are, however, some people who perhaps go too far – people who protect their homes like they are Fort Knox and could perhaps do with some honest advice about a simpler, yet much less extreme, solution to their security needs.

Below you’ll find five different security ideas that actually exist in the real world and that, more importantly, some people really own. Whether they are slight over-reactions is entirely up to you…

Bullet Proof Doors

While bullet proof doors might not sound too extreme – after all, many home invasions begin at the front door – the bullet proof doors talked about here are certainly on the extreme end of the scale. You can genuinely get some bullet proof doors that don’t simply stop the penetration of bullets, but that also offer air-tight protection against gas attacks, as well as a strength able to resist explosions. Some even come with electro-magnetic locks! One of these could be yours for just $400,000 – or you could spend less and get a fully functioning home security solution with remote monitoring!

Burglar Blaster

The Burglar Blaster is as scary as it sounds, although with a price of $50,000 you’re unlikely to come across one soon. It’s a device installed in the ceiling that can deploy a variety of different substances in the event of an intrusion, ranging from smoke through to noxious gases. They are designed to be an effective weapon against multiple intruders, but what happens when there is a false alarm? Still, there’s no doubting a would-be criminal will stop as soon as they find out they might get sprayed by an industrial amount of pepper spray…

Secret Corridors

If you thought that secret corridors were the preserve of English medieval castles, and that pulling open a bookcase to reveal a passageway was only something seen in Scooby Doo, then think again. There are now companies offering the chance to construct these secret passages within your home and, unlike their medieval counterparts, they can be integrated with a number of other security features, such as CCTV cameras and access control systems. As you might imagine, having a secret passage constructed doesn’t come cheap though.

Safe Core

You’ve probably heard of a safe room – a room that “locks down” in an emergency and therefore keeps the occupants completely safe. Well, now magnify this and you get a safe core – a system that “locks down” the whole building! This means that metal shutters automatically come down over doors and other entry points and windows are quickly masked with strong coverings, while bomb proof walls protect against even the most serious of attacks. They say your home is your castle, but with this it is more like a fortress!

Taser Robots

This is not a joke. There really are Taser robots being developed, and they sound exceedingly scary. iRobot Corporation have started to create these machines and they are designed to react to the commands of their owners, firing stun guns at any intruder unlucky enough to get in the way. But what happens when the robot does what technology has a habit of doing – goes wrong? Many people getting attacked by their own robots, that’s what! And would you really trust your teenage son and his friends in a home with one of these either?

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