Frozen pipeLet’s be honest, the winter can be absolutely brutal. Be it frost warnings or spending an extra hour shoveling the driveway and getting the snow off of your car, the harsh and often unpredictable weather that the season can bring has plenty of negative effects. It goes without saying that many people will opt to stay indoors under such conditions, though even that can still lead to chilly days and even chillier nights!

Perhaps one of the biggest problems that people encounter when the weather becomes snappy is this though: pipes freeze and can then burst, gushing water all over the home and leading to huge amounts of damage and expense. This is especially true when it comes to older properties, or properties that haven’t been maintained to the correct level.

The good news is this though – you can protect your home from burst pipes by installing a freeze sensor. But what exactly are they..?

How Freeze Sensors Work

Freeze Sensors work by helping to monitor the temperature of the inside of your home. A freeze sensor can sense when your home’s internal temperature dips below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in the trigger of an alarm to the Monitoring Center. In addition to the alarm that will sound within your home, the Monitoring Center will then notify you immediately by both text and email in case you are temporarily out of the house.

The best areas in your home to place the freeze sensor are where low temperatures could result in a problem. These places may include your furnace or any exposed pipes you may have in your home. By placing the sensor in the areas most at risk, you will know instantly (via alarm and notification) when the temperatures are nearing a problem so you can tend to it before it becomes a costly issue.

The Simplest Way to Prevent Burst Pipes

When it comes to preventing the bursting of pipes, the age and location of your home can make doing so extremely costly and sometimes out of your control. However, by simply adding a freeze sensor to your home’s most at-risk areas, you are saving yourself a great deal of money and worry in the long run.

There is simply no better option than using a freeze sensor when it comes to the maintenance of your home during the winter. Perhaps it’s time you starting looking around to find the best freeze sensor for your needs?

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