garage doorPeople want to have a secure home. They put money into getting the best locks they can find for the front door and back door. They have an alarm system that will alert them the moment somebody opens a window in their house. However, some people don’t stop to think about their garage security.

In many cases, it is shockingly easy for thief to break into someone’s garage. In some cases, people do not even bother to lock the door that leads from the garage into the house. This can be extremely dangerous.

Why is this so dangerous? Many thieves have taken to entering through the garage and trying this method of home entry first since so few people take the time to lock that door. In fact, there are a number of things people are doing wrong when it comes to garage security.

Let’s look at some simple tips that you can start using right now to improve the level of security your garage.

Do Not Leave the Garage Door Open

Many people do not stop to think about just how dangerous it is to leave their garage door open even for just a few minutes when unattended. If they are in the garage, they can naturally keep the door open. However, if they’re going to venture inside, it really is best to shut the door.

If you leave the door open, anyone could walk inside. They could make their way into your house, or they might just take something that is sitting out in your garage. They are also able to see what you have in the garage. If someone is looking over your home as a potential target, this is essentially like window shopping for the thieves.


Do Not Leave Your Garage Remote in Your Car

You never want to give a very easy access to the garage, and leaving your garage remote in the vehicle is one of the ways that you could do that inadvertently. If you leave the car outside overnight in your driveway, or at work, and the remote is inside, a thief could very well steal it.

If they are already at your house, they can simply open the door with the remote and get inside. They can then steal from you while you are at work or when you are shopping, for example, they might just follow you home to see where you live. Then, they can come back later and use remote to get inside.

Lock the Inside Door

As mentioned, one of the ways that thieves are getting into homes is by entering through the unlocked door inside the garage that leads into the house. You need to make sure that you always lock this door. You and everybody else who lives in the house should get in the habit. Definitely check it before you go to bed at night and before you leave in the morning.

Cover Garage Door Windows

You should also make it a point to cover your windows in the garage. If there are windows in the garage, it makes it easy for a thief to simply look inside. They can see when your car is gone, which likely means nobody is home. In addition, they are able to see what items you have in the garage that they might like to steal.

You can block out the windows in a number of different ways.

  • Buy a new garage door without windows
  • Cover the windows with fabric or paint
  • Use a frosted covering

Add a CCTV Camera

Having a CCTV camera pointed to the garage can be a good option for you as well. This camera can act as a very good deterrent. When a criminal sees the camera, they are more likely to simply keep walking and look for a home that is an easier target.

Add Security and Motion Lights

Another good option for improving your garage home security is to add a security system from a professional company as well as motion lights. The motion lights should be outside of the garage as well as inside the garage. This can be very beneficial for a number of reasons.

First, the exterior motion lights will help to deter potential thieves. The lights inside the garage are helpful for when you’re coming home after dark or going into the garage from the house after dark. You don’t have to fumble for the lights – they will come on automatically. This increases your safety not only from intruders, but also from falls.

With these simple tips, you can make your garage and your home a much safer place.

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