Viewing CCTV on cell phoneWe live in a mobile age: an age where we can do almost everything remotely using cell phones and tablets. The home security world hasn’t been slow to plunge into the world of apps, and there are loads you can use to further enhance the level of security in your home, as well as the peace of mind you feel whenever you’re away. Some cost money; some are free – but all the apps below are the best we know, and we’d recommend them to everyone! (Free) is probably the best known free app for home security. While some free apps are free because, well, they aren’t very good, this app offers anyone downloading it absolutely loads of features. The app connects to the owner’s pre-existing security system, and then provides alerts whenever movement is detected or an alarm is activated. You can even watch feeds from your security cameras live, regardless of where you are in the world – all you need is an internet connection. The only note of caution is this: make sure your security system is compatible with this app before downloading, as not all of them are.

Canary ($149)

Canary is a revolutionary new system for those looking to bulk up their home security. While it does cost $149, the benefits it offers are huge. The majority of this price goes towards the Canary device, which is placed in the home and has a number of different features: a night vision camera, microphone, temperature sensor and even a sensor monitoring air quality! You will only be able to use the app once you’ve purchased the Canary device, but try to disregard the price: this really is an excellent, modern twist on home security.

iScentry (Free)

Many people don’t realise the fact that they already have a great camera in their home, even before any real CCTV cameras have been purchased – their webcam! Simply point the webcam in the direction you want to monitor, before then connecting it to the free iScentry app. You’ll then receive notifications whenever the camera picks up any motion. You can also watch the live feed when needed, as well as take screenshots when needed. This truly is a great way to monitor a specific area without the need to purchase expensive security cameras, although for monitoring larger areas it won’t work as well.

Presence (Free)

This is a seriously great app and one of the most innovative home security solutions around. You probably have a few old cell phones lying around the house, just sitting in drawers and picking up dust. What if you could place these around the home and use them as security cameras, all connected to an app – Presence – on your current phone? The result would be a system of cameras in your home, all of which can be moved when needed and added to every time you get a new cell phone! Every time any phone picks up movement, you’ll get a notification, allowing you to react to any possible intrusions quickly – especially if more than one cell phone picks up movement within a short space of time.

Security Camera ($4.99)

Sometimes when someone breaks into your home, they aren’t looking to steal physical items. Instead, they want to get onto your computer and steal the data found on it, such as bank details and other pieces of important information. The Security Camera app won’t stop this, but it will take photos every time someone uses the computer, before saving these photos both on the computer and in Dropbox. That way, you’ll have images of anyone who has accessed your computer without permission – photos that can be passed to the police or any other relevant organization. It’s also a great way to make sure the kids aren’t using the computer when they aren’t supposed to be!

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