GarageWhen people are looking to safeguard the security of their home, they usually focus on the actual house – the bedrooms, kitchen etc. Just think though – how many items of value are there in your parking garage? Of course, there’s your car, but that’s not it. Loads of different and expensive pieces of machinery; pricey tools; and also – and perhaps most importantly – often a door into your main home.

So, as you can see, ensuring that the security of your parking garage is up to scratch is vitally important. So, here’s a few tips on how to keep you parking garage safe, both when you’re at home and when you’re out…

Install CCTV

Nothing puts off a potential intruder more than seeing a CCTV camera pointing directly at their face. While installing a CCTV camera in the garage used to involve threading wires back to a DVR somewhere in the house, it can now be done wirelessly, making their installation incredibly easy. What’s more, there are many home security companies that will monitor your CCTV cameras for you when you’re out, which helps to keep the garage safe at all times.


Lighting plays a massive role in the security of a garage, just as it does when it comes to the main home. Firstly, a cheap and effective way to deter thieves is to place a security light on the garage, which automatically activates whenever movement is detected. Installing decent lights in the garage itself is also very important though, as you need to be able to see everything when you enter – leaving no spaces for intruders to hide in the shadows.

Improve the Connecting Door

The door between the garage and the home is not often designed to be particularly strong, as instead it is usually a fire door. This is especially true on older houses that haven’t been renovated in a long time. Simply getting a new door – specifically one that is designed using strong materials and does not have any glass in it – will hugely improve security. Add in a door sensor and voila – you have a much better barrier between home and garage!

Garage Door Security Lock

A garage door security lock is brilliant for two reasons: they provide a visible deterrent to anyone looking to breaking in, plus they seriously increase the difficulty level faced by anyone who does decide that breaking in is still worth it. They essentially work by attaching a strong metal bracket to the bottom of the garage door, which can then be secured to the ground via a lock. Usually painted in bright colors, they can’t be missed by any thief!

Frost Your Garage Windows

Thieves like to break in to places that they know will have a nice reward for them, and they don’t want to take any chances of breaking into a worthless garage. Therefore, don’t let them see what could lie in wait for them in your garage by frosting over the windows. It also has the added advantage of not letting them know whether your car is there or not, meaning that they won’t know if you are home.

So, as you can see there are many different ways to improve your garage’s security, some of which are cheap, some of which are more expensive. If you purchase a home security system from one of the many excellent providers we feature on this site, they’ll certainly be able to help you with your garage security concerns.

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