Growing up in today’s world is scary for both children and parents. The teen years mean parents have less time with their children, and children are spending more time with friends and family away from home. A home security system won’t be the all-encompassing solution to their safety, but it can certainly help.

Make Sure Your Teens Know How to Use the System

As soon as your children are old enough – before they become teens, even, make sure they know:

  • How to arm and disarm the system
  • How to use any controls for lights, motion detectors, and any other security equipment on your property, both inside and out.
  • What areas of the home and outside property the system protects
  • How to test the equipment to ensure it is working
  • The password for use if the monitor company calls

Understanding how the system works enables them to maintain the home security when you are not home. It also helps them understand emergency procedures, which can be helpful if they are left to care for younger siblings.

Install Sensors on All Doors and Windows

Home Alarm SystemWhile it is more expensive to have a larger number of sensors installed, having this protection on all doors and windows will prevent your teen from being able to sneak out at any point. Even if the teen disarms the system before sneaking out, the sensors will still beep any time any door or window equipped with a sensor is opened or closed. This also prevents friends from being able to sneak into the home. Motion sensors on the outside of the home can also help parents catch their teens in the act – even if sensors are not installed on all doors and windows.

Consider Installing Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras in and around the home can not only help catch a thief or vandal in the act, they can also help you monitor what your teens and younger children are doing in your home when you’re not around. When the teen knows they are being monitored, they are much less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as having friends over when they are not supposed to, drinking, or doing drugs.

Though your teen should know how to operate the system, they should not know how to turn the cameras on and off, or how to watch the footage. This will prevent them from being able to tamper with the system to hide anything they are doing that they shouldn’t be doing. You can choose to tell your children the cameras are in the home, or you can leave that information secret. No matter which course of action you take, ensure the cameras are hidden in discrete places that are not easy to block – as you do not want guests (or intruders) to realize cameras are inside the home.

Consider a System with Remote Capabilities

Many of today’s home security systems feature remote locking and remote viewing capabilities so parents have additional control when they are away from home. With remote locking, parents can ensure the door is unlocked for the kids when they get home from school. If the teen forgets to lock the door when they leave, the parent can step in and lock the door from afar. With remote video capabilities, parents can see what’s going on when they’re away from home.

Home Alarm

These tools are meant to be used as a tool to compliment your parenting – not to replace it. You’ll need to be clear with the rules, expectations, and boundaries with your teens. Open communication, honesty, and consequences for not following the rules are critical.

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