lifeshieldLifeShield is a relatively new home security company founded in 2004. Despite its young age, the company has gained popularity for offering clients wireless security systems at affordable prices. EnGadget, The New York Times, and several other respected organizations have published positive reviews of LifeShield’s products and services.

For a young company in a competitive industry, LifeShield has made a good name for itself as a security provider that meets the needs of average homeowners who want to save money on reliable services and products without too many frills.

Product Features and Equipment

LifeShield designs all of its equipment, so you know that company representatives understand how to install and support all of its products. The products are wireless, making them more functional, attractive, and easy to install compared to wired models. Wireless monitors mean that homeowners get to choose which doors and windows they want to protect.

The LifeShield system is designed around a base unit that communicates with wireless components. It also comes with a console that lets homeowners adjust settings quickly and easily. The system can detect environmental dangers like fire and flooding as well as signs of trespassing and burglary.

People with busy schedules may enjoy LifeShield’s remote capabilities. Clients can control their devices from practically any location as long as they have Internet or cellular connections. They can also capture camera still or watch video on their smartphones or computers. Customers can download an iPhone app that lets them arm devices, change security codes, and watch camera feeds conveniently.

Pricing Information

LifeShield offers some of the most affordable equipment and services in the industry. There aren’t any installation fees because homeowners can install them easily without professional assistance.

  • Value Package – $29.99
  • Gold Package – $35.99
  • Platinum Package – $40.99

Most homeowners who choose LifeShield will probably get the services they want from the Value Package or Gold Package. Those who want more sensors and devices should consider the Platinum Package option.


LifeShield offers several features that could make it a good choice for some homeowners. The company uses a cellular alarm system instead of one tethered to a landline. This prevents burglars from disabling the system by cutting telephone wires. That in itself is a good reason to consider choosing LifeShield as your security service provider.

Homeowners who only want a basic level of protection may also appreciate LifeShield’s affordable options. A basic system comes with a wireless console, a security touchpad, and a few sensors. If you have a small house, this could match your needs without hurting your budget. To make it even better, LifeShield’s system is simple enough for homeowners to install on their own. The system comes with a video that shows homeowners how to set up devices to get the best results.

An iPhone app makes mobile control and viewing extremely easy, even for those who are technologically challenged.


LifeShield doesn’t support some common home automation features that consumers have come to expect from top-of-the-line systems. Some missing features include:

  • Appliance control
  • Lighting control
  • Temperature control

These are quickly becoming industry standards that make LifeShield’s system look outdated. The LifeShield home security system also misses some of the sensors and detectors available from other companies. It lacks a garage door tilt sensor, which is a bit of a specialty feature that not everyone wants. More importantly, it doesn’t offer a recessed door sensors. These are built in sensors that alert the system when a door opens. Missing that is fairly risky for anyone who’s serious about home protection.

LifeShield definitely doesn’t meet the needs of all homeowners. If you own a large home, then you’ll probably want to choose a service provider that can give you more sensors and detectors. People who want basic home protection services, however, should consider the advantages of choosing LifeShield. The company may not have an extremely diverse range of devices, but it does make quality products that work well.

Few companies offer wireless home security systems at these prices. LifeShield is a great value for people who want solid security without a lot of non-essential features that can raise prices.