cctv cameraYou want your family to be as safe and secure as possible. You have installed an alarm system, and you are thinking about getting some security cameras to go along with the security setup. These cameras can be a very good addition in terms of increasing overall safety for the home. However, you need to know where to set them up so they will be the most effective.

Let’s look at some of the most important places to put these CCTV cameras and why you should put them in those locations.

  • Front Door
  • Back Door
  • Backyard
  • Side Gate
  • Basement Stairs

Make sure you put the camera in an area where it is easily seen. This goes for all of the CCTV cameras. Many times, when a criminal sees one of these cameras they are simply going to walk away and look for an easier target. They do not want to be on video.

The Front Door

Naturally, one of the first and most important places to have a CCTV camera is going to be at the front door. This way, you will always know exactly who is knocking or ringing your doorbell. In fact, estimates are that a large number of burglars – 34% of them – are going into the home through the front door. Having a surveillance camera on the door can be a huge benefit.

Keep in mind that thieves and burglars are going to be on the lookout for these cameras. To keep them from being destroyed, you might want to enclose them in a wire mesh that will protect them.

The Back Door

The back door is quite popular with thieves as well. About 22% of burglars are going to try to enter through the back door. Having a camera in this location can help deter them as well. Again, you want to make sure the camera is out of reach and protected.


Criminals like going through the backyard for a number of reasons. First, it allows them to stay more hidden as they believe fewer people are going to see them than if they tried to enter through the front. They may also find an easier way into the home, since many people do not lock up the doors and windows in the back. Having a camera that is able to capture the majority of the backyard can help deter criminals and can put them on video just in case they do show up.

Side Gate

A side gate is similar to the backyard since it has the potential to give criminals easy access to your home. Again, you will want to have a CCTV camera that is in plain sight. However, you may want to put in floodlights on motion sensors along the side gate as well as in the backyard.

This way thieves that try to come in during the nighttime hours will have a surprise waiting for them. The light can scare them away, and it can be easier for the CCTV cameras to pick up the activity.

Basement Stairs

Do you have stairs on the outside of the house that lead down into the basement? If you do, you will certainly want to have a CCTV camera focused on them. Thieves like the idea of getting into a basement because they may find items to steal down there, and they feel they are less likely to be caught. In addition, it will provide them with easy access to the interior of the house.

If you have windows that go into the basement, or stairs, as mentioned, do yourself a favor and always lock the basement door that leads into the house. This way, if a thief does manage to make it into the basement, he will not have an easy time getting into the main part of your house.

What’s Best for Your Home?

While the preceding ideas are generally good places to put your CCTV cameras, they may not be the only places your home needs coverage. Naturally, there are homes of many different sizes and layouts.

Use the elements here as a guideline and then look over your own home for the blind spots around the house where other security elements might not be well reinforced. Then, you can put CCTV cameras in those locations as well.

If you are using wireless cameras, it should be very easy to hook everything up to a central system that is easy to control and manage. Those who are using a wired system that may be a bit more complex could benefit from having professionals come out and do the install.


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