The first thing that people tend to think of when home security systems are mentioned is a loud alarm designed to scare burglars away. While this is one of the key advantages of a home alarm system, it is far from the only benefit of having a system installed.

Today’s quality home security systems can be easily integrated with other home safety systems to provide peace of mind on every level. Here are just a few of the ways that a home alarm system can keep everyone who lives in a home well protected.

Protection from Break-ins

How Can A Home Security System Protect Your FamilyThe most obvious method of protection offered by a security system has to do with break-ins. Just having a sign posted on the lawn can be enough of a deterrent to keep prospective thieves from targeting a particular home.

Beyond the visual discouragement and warning that comes with posted notice that a home is protected, even greater security comes from the immediate connection to the authorities. In the event of a break-in, the monitoring company can immediately signal and dispatch police to the home. This dramatically reduces the damage (both physical and financial) and increases the chances for taking a burglar off of the streets.

Even if a homeowner is away on business or vacation a home security system can alert the authorities of an event. This provides the homeowner with tremendous peace of mind because he or she knows that their property and possessions are protected no matter where they happen to be.

Protection from Fire

Many home security systems can be linked to existing fire alarm systems. If there is no system in place, many home security companies offer smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors that can be installed in accordance with the security system. This connection directs the monitoring company to alert and dispatch firefighters when smoke or fire are detected.

Just like the protection from break-ins, this benefit of fire protection works whether the home owner is at home or away. Quick contact of the fire department can cut down on the potential damage done to the home and it can prevent valuables and irreplaceable antiques and heirlooms from being damaged or destroy. Having trained firefighters on scene in the event of a fire could also potentially save a life.

Fire protection systems usually have provisions in place to alert of the presence of carbon monoxide as well. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas that cannot be seen or smelled, so having a system in place to identify its presence and to contact emergency personnel can prevent injury or save lives of all people and pets inside of the home.

Direct Link to Medical Professionals

Control stations or main keypads for many home alarm systems offer a direct connection to a variety of emergency services. In the event that an elderly loved one falls in the shower, a family member takes the wrong medication or a spouse suffers a heart attack or stroke – the appropriate emergency service can be reached at the touch of a button.

Homeowners may be able to contact police, fire and ambulance services all directly from their main control pad without having to locate the phone or search for phone numbers. Having trained paramedics or experienced emergency personnel on scene as quickly as possible in the event of a serious illness or injury can save a life.

Visual Connection

While cameras may not be a standard feature for most home security systems, they can often be integrated into a standard package fairly easily. Having cameras place at different locations throughout a property allows the owner to maintain a high level of awareness even if they are away.

Cameras let a homeowner see their children arrive home from school to make sure that they are safe. They also allow the owner to check up on an elderly spouse or loved one, or even check on pets while they are away from home.

The security cameras can be easily checked remotely through a PC or Smartphone. If there is any evidence of an issue on the property after a routine check in, the homeowner can contact a neighbor to look in or, if necessary, contact the authorities. This option creates a constant connection to the home from anywhere with an internet connection which offers additional peace of mind for those who travel.

Complete home security requires constant monitoring, which is very difficult for those who can’t be home all the time. Having a top rated security system provides a homeowner with the additional tools that they need to keep their home and family protected at all times.

The right home security system provides 24/7 monitoring to help prevent or deal with a wide variety of emergency situations. This monitoring also comes with a direct link to the people and services that can minimize damage, prevent loss and potentially save lives.

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