Feeling safe in the city that you live in is an important aspect for many residents, so it’s no surprise that a considerable amount of research has been done on the topic. Communities all over the country vie for the title of America’s Safest City, and competition is fierce to be crowned in the top 10.

Now thanks to SmartAsset, a financial analytics and technology company, we have the answer. Are you lucky enough to live in one of these 10 cities, or are you planning on moving?

  1. Frisco, Texas


Coming in at number 10 is the city of Frisco in Texas, a community of about 145,000 people located about 30 miles north of Dallas. Frisco is lucky enough to have the fourth-lowest violent crime rate of any major U.S. city, reporting just 180 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. To new residents Frisco offers a humid subtropical climate with lots of sunny days, a few historic attractions and a decent range of facilities.

  1. Salem, Oregon


Salem, Oregon, a community of just over 160,000 people in the north-west of the country comes in at number 9 on the list. As well as failing to raise red flags when it comes to crime, Salem is also home to the third-lowest air pollution levels of any major U.S. city according to the EPA air quality index. Fresh!

  1. Fremont, California


Fremont, California, located north of San Jose along the south-eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay is home to around 220,000 people. A part of Alameda County the area is known as having one of the lowest rates of vehicular morality of any U.S. county with just 5.88 per 100,000 residents. Would you believe that is a third of the national average?

  1. McAllen, Texas


A town of more than 140,000 people, McAllen takes a stand for safety at number 7 on the list. While many people assume that border towns are more dangerous, this is far from true in McAllen. The city is located in the Rio Grande Valley just north of Reynosa, Mexico but it has one of the lowest rates of crime of any American city, just 122 per 100,000 residents. In fact in 2013 the entire community experienced just 2 murders.

  1. San Jose, California

san jose

With a population of more than 1 million people, San Jose is one of the three largest cities in the Bay Area and one of the safest by a mile. Both Oakland and San Francisco experience violent crime rates well above San Jose’s rate and both experience high rates of drug use. In San Jose there are just 7.2 drug poisoning deaths per 100,000 residents annually, compared to 20 in San Francisco and 10 in Oakland.

  1. Alexandria, Virginia


Home to 150,000 people Alexandria, Virginia is a community that has been heavily influenced by its close proximity to the U.S. capital. Home to many professionals, Alexandria comes in at number 5 on the safe cities list for many reasons, including low crime rate. As well as its reputation for safety, Alexandria is well known for it’s impressive public transport system.

  1. Cary, North Carolina


Cary, North Carolina is a place that more than 150,000 people call home, and they’re definitely safe in doing so. The city comes in 4th place on the list thanks to its low crime rate, just 84 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Not impressed? Well consider that the crime rate in Charlotte, North Carolina’s biggest city, is 648 per 100,000 and you will be.

  1. Bellevue, Washington


Bellevue, Washington might be growing faster than many other cities in America, with more than 14,000 people relocating there between 2010 and 2014, but it has managed to balance growth effectively with public safety. In fact Bellevue makes number 3 on this list because out of the 200 biggest cities in the country, the crime rate is the 22nd lowest.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii


It is no wonder so many people enjoying holidaying in Honolulu, the city is one of America’s safest spots. As well as a low violent crime rate the city is kept safe by many of its residents choosing not to use their cars. Larger proportions of Honolulu residents either take public transport, walk or ride to work than in other American cities. Island living!

  1. Sunnyvale, California


Sunny in name and sunny in reputation, Sunnyvale, California tops the list of the safest cities in America. Located in the middle of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale doesn’t just boast a seriously low violent crime rate, it also offers a vehicular mortality rate that is a third less than the national average. On top of that it has the lowest rates of drug use of any county in America. Impressive.

So now that you know what the safest cities in America are, will you be moving?